Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sinanju's Beam Rifle

Well, since I never found that clear green part for the larger lens that I lost, I had to make some modifications. I turned around the front part of the scope and painted it titanium gold (Tamiya X-31). I had to cut off parts of the scope base since the front part didn't really like being backwards. To attach the smaller scope I just cut the backing off the old opening so it could attach at either end. Maybe it's alright I lost that piece, it had two scope lenses in the first place, I figure one is enough. I should also note that this is longest beam rifle I've made, it's basically a beam sniper rifle... with a grenade launcher.

As you can see I also painted the tube(? it's not exactly the barrel) the same titanium gold as the scope as I thought it needed some extra color. Below right you can see my makeshift lens (now facing backwards). Took me a while to file and sand it down so it could fit in there (I cut out a square from the runner). It's pretty scratched up (had to file off some text), but I think it's fine sitting in the back.

Started painting the shield, but yeah, that'll take a while.


  1. Well you did a decent job of replacing the lens and I think it would've looked better if the long gold rod in the middle of the rifle was colored in silver..

    But yeah that's just a personal opinion coming from me.

  2. Yeah I could see silver working, I just wanted to add some color and to stay with the overall gold-ness of Sinanju.

  3. That rifle is pimp! The gold accent really does go well with the rest of the model since everything else from Sinanju also have gold trims. I don't think anyone will be picking on you about the backward scope since the whole rifle just looks so damn sexy :D

  4. yup... either gold or silver will do for the rifle since you got both color every where on your Sinanju! The replacement was not bad too. But personally feel that the grey color of the frame is slightly too light... darker grey should make it look much better... but anyway, it is hard to paint the frame as it will eventually scrap off the paint when we move the joint... overall nice work!

  5. Z, haha thanks! Might need to craft a gold pimp cane to go in the other hand, eh? I'm glad I lost that part now, forced me to make something unique! Glad you approve.

    gppf, yeah, Sinanju has a much ligher inner frame, not the normal dark grey. I don't have any experience with complete model painting, I assume spray paint would be the way to go? I imagine it might clog up some of the joints on the frame as well.

    Man, I wish Blogger had a reply system for comments!