Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking Forward To...

the MG GN-X kit:

A bunch of new images have surfaced, as seen on Ngee Khiong's site (this post). I like the color scheme, the different shades of grey with bits of clear purple. The weapons look good too, although I wish it had a more conventional shield. It doesn't really fit in with other kits from the UC era, as with most of the 00 Gundam M.S. designs, but it should look good with Exia. As 00 Gundam was the first series I watched all the way through when I was getting into Gunpla, I'll probably be excited for any MG from the series. Hope they make a MG Reborn's Gundam sometime soon!

Not sure which kit to start on when I get back. Maybe Crossbone? Or maybe I'll finally do the decals for RX-78-2.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Back at home for my winter break, which is nice. Unfortunately that means I can't work on any GunPlas. However, I picked up a couple new kits (Shown in bad photos taken with my phone!) Looking forward to Crossbone X-1, looks like a nice, but small, model. Got the Stamen on an impulse buy at Japan Town because it was on sale. It's an older kit so I'm not sure what to expect! Have a nice holiday everyone!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Blue Frame Complete

Finished the build for my Astray Blue Frame. I tried out the clear green eyes with a silver backing method, which didn't work out the best. The green was still too dark (maybe it's the paint: Tamiya X-25) and maybe the silver wasn't reflective enough. Painted over with another green (not clear) and it turned out well. Painting the fingers white was annoying, wish Bandai had engineered multiple parts for each finger. I know the action base included is meant just for sword, but I figured I could just use it for the whole model. It's a little wobbly and it can't do many poses, but it beats just standing there.

Painted the pilot inside as well, turned out alright (not like it's ever seen anyways). Picture is a little out of focus...

Posing with Tactical Arms II in massive sword mode (It's basically impossible to pose it correctly, the thing is so heavy). Gatling mode is also hard to pull off, just too awkward to hold...

Action Pose! Go!

Here are some action shots (as best I can) of God Gundam, as requested by a reader. Hard to think of unique poses when there basically no accessories. Probably doesn't help that I haven't seen the G Gundam series and I don't know anything about this gundam... oh well!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Out of the Blue...

Started work on the Blue Frame Astray. Have the torso, waist, both arms and shoulders done. Working on the legs now. Waiting to do the head and the hands as I'm waiting on some paints. I need a better white paint for the bits on the fingers and I need a lighter clear green paint and a metallic silver paint for the eyes and sensors (as recommended by readers gppf and chubbybots). Thanks again for the tip! Not sure how it'll turn out, but I thought I would try. Might end up just using the sticker if I mess it up though ^^;

God Gundam Complete

Finished up God Gundam GF13-017NJII yesterday. Added only a few decals since there aren't really that many places to add anything (aren't many open, flat surfaces). I applied the ones shown in the manual as well as one to the shoulder and some to the ankle armors. The least amount of decals I've done on any MG, but I think it works well with this guy.

Finished up with a good layer of topcoat. Before applying I wasn't too thrilled with this kit (cheap plastic, old design, etc) but the topcoat really added a nice touch. The plastic looks better (a lot less shine) which brings out the colors more.

Because there are lots of screws, most of the joints are a little stiff. Makes it a little hard to pose, but it's better than loose joints! Overall, good kit. One of the cheaper MGs as well.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

God Update: Head + Core Lander

Just finished the core lander and the head for God Gundam. A package came today with lots of hobby supplies (which included various color Tamiya clear paints) so I decided to try and paint the eyes instead of using the sticker.

I first used only the clear paint, with black around it. This was way too dark with the rest of the head put together, since no light got in. So I had to repaint the eyes a light green (normal, not clear), then go over with clear for a glossy effect. Still came out too dark, so not sure if I should do this again.

The clear green (and other colors) aren't the easiest to use. They're thick and leave brush streaks when applied. So to get a solid coat (seen on the cockpit of the core lander) you just have to heap the paint on by dabbing, no brush strokes.

Yay learning.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

GM Complete

Put the last bit of decals on RGM-79 GM yesterday or so, then topcoated the whole model today. Looks pretty good! I thought the decals might clutter the basic design, but they aren't that intrusive. Besides the Jack Halloween emblems the decals are pretty minimal, but enough to add a finishing touch.

Had a few hiccups with spraying: didn't dust enough beforehand (little bits get stuck on), some topcoat solution pooled in a few places (had to wipe off and reapply). Still getting the hang of it. Also, went through my first can, good thing I had another!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And on the First Day...

... God Gundam created a body for itself. Actually maybe the first month... I've had this kit sitting here for a while. Regardless, got the torso and waist completed for God Gundam. It was quite a different build style on account of the whole Action Frame deal (one screw to hold the torso to the waist). All the joints, even the waist flaps, feel sturdy (which is good because the waist is usually loose on some models).

Because it's an old kit the plastic seems worse quality and the details aren't as defined. Some panel lines, like on the front yellow piece, weren't molded very deep. I had to cut with a hobby knife new lines so that the ink would stick. Sort of annoying... Also the vents didn't take panel lining very well.

All in all, seems like it should be an interesting and unique kit. Next up: The Core Lander, then head (although I'm waiting on some hobby supplies so that might be delayed).

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kits Acquired: The New and The Old

Got my MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame a couple days ago. First impression: very large box (about the same for Unicorn I believe) and there aren't really enough runners to fill the entire box, there's a lot of extra space. Not quite sure it needed such a big box, but hey, more impressive to look at. Looks like a very nice kit.

Also received another kit cheap-ish (or so I thought) off of ebay, an MG RGM-79Q GM Quel from Zeta Gundam. It's a very old kit (from 10 years ago). Because I'm used to new kits where Bandai has made many improvements on their production values and engineering, this kit is... disappointing. Shown in the photo is one of the two purplish runners. No where on the actual kit is it supposed to have this color. Instead the purple parts correspond to different color areas on the model (black shield, dark blue outer armor). So... I suppose I have to paint the pieces on those 2 runners, unless I don't have the right colors, then I paint ALL the runners. Also the clear visor piece wasn't even orange, just clear... Now I need to get clear orange paint. Never again old kits, never again...

Between Blue Astray, God Gundam, and the fail kit Quel, not sure which is next. Probably God. Also, still working on RGM-79 decals and topcoating.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jack Halloween Thirteen

Quite a name for an RGM-79, but that is indeed what is depicted from the decals I just added. It's a little strange, a little clustered, but I like this decal set so far!

Monday, November 9, 2009

God Gundam: Next Project

Acquired kit cheap-ish off of ebay. It's an older kit with a somewhat different build (Action Fighting Frame (lots of screws)). Should be interesting. Haven't seen the series yet, but from what I've seen so far from G Gundam, it's weird. As a result, this M.S. has no conventional weapons. Just some shining hands...

RX-78-2 Complete!

Finished up the original Gundam with the other leg and basic equipment. Haven't built the bazooka (have one from RGM-79), the Gundam Hammer (I will eventually... but all those spikes... so many nub marks...), or the Beam Javelin (waiting on some clear red paint). Besides! Just the beam rifle and shield look the best. So iconic.

Decals incoming... eventually.





Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gundam Gets a Leg Up

Small update on the RX-78-2. As you can see, got some face, some arms, and a leg. Just another leg and some weps left!

I've been watching the original Mobile Suit Gundam a bit. Why did they have to include the little compartment on the waist that holds the heat proof blanket thing... The damn door always falls open... Is it even that important?!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

RX-78-2 Update

Progress on the RX-78-2 Ver.2 kit. Like I thought, building the parts I've already made from the RGM-79 is a little boring, actually a lot boring... However, still worth it cause the Core Fighter is completely new and neat. Great how it folds up into a little Core Brock.

Exia, Exterminating the Plastic Shine

Exia was a little more complicated to Topcoat due to all the clear pieces. Nemo had the clear orange visor to take off, but that was minimal. Exia has those clear green circles on the legs, arms, head, and chest. Actually, they weren't that bad to remove. The "new material" strips (holographic plastic), however, I didn't even try to take out, since most are embedded well in the build of the kit. I tried to cover the arm loops with tape, but it didn't work out so well... Good thing the fogginess isn't too bad.

Nemo Gets Decal Love

Also, Topcoat. Decals aren't so great on Nemo. I mean, they're simple, so it's not so impressive. Also, stickers and dry decals were the only option. I've been spoiled by water slide... They might take longer, but stickers are really annoying to cut out too... and they leave that border!

Mk-2 Gets Topcoat Mk-2

Continuing with the Topcoat extravaganza, RX-178 gets the second round of Topcoating. Since it was the "special edition" kit which featured water slide decals as well as shiny plastic, the topcoat went on a little differently. Kind of like it better, it's still shiny in a way, but it's dull... I don't know, it's just nice.

First Topcoat

Used Topcoat for the first time. Again, still learning new things. Learned not to spray from too close as "pools" of the Topcoat solution formed at various parts of Unicorn creating unsightly bubbly residue. Had to scrape it off, which didn't help much in terms of looks. After a second coat (this time with knowledge acquired) the model seems to have recovered somewhat.

The feel of the plastic changed more than I thought it would. It really does feel like ceramic or something, which is interesting. After Unicorn, had to the rest of my finished kits...

Also, got a Unicorn gashapon figure with Dengeki Hobby Nov. issue. Panel-lined it cause it looked like crap! Also the magazine told me to!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

RX-78-2 GET

Just got this RX-78-2 Ver. 2.0 MG kit in the mail today. Might be a little dry to build since the GM 2.0 is basically the same frame (except the head, waist, weapons, and a small leg armor on the front). It has a core fighter though, so that should be fun and new. What can I say? I just needed to have the original Gundam.

RGM-79: Complete!

Finally got around to taking some photos since I finished this a couple of days ago. The Ver. 2.0 frame is really nice articulation wise, like I said before, but it really showed during posing. Not much equips for GM here, short little Beam Spray Gun, Hyper Bazooka that barely attaches to the back. But it makes sense, given this particular mass produced MS. My only problem is that the armor plates behind the ankles, they always seem to fall off when the foot is moved or rotated.

I have some water decals for this kit, not sure if I'm going to apply them all since the basic look is nice, but I might.