Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And on the First Day...

... God Gundam created a body for itself. Actually maybe the first month... I've had this kit sitting here for a while. Regardless, got the torso and waist completed for God Gundam. It was quite a different build style on account of the whole Action Frame deal (one screw to hold the torso to the waist). All the joints, even the waist flaps, feel sturdy (which is good because the waist is usually loose on some models).

Because it's an old kit the plastic seems worse quality and the details aren't as defined. Some panel lines, like on the front yellow piece, weren't molded very deep. I had to cut with a hobby knife new lines so that the ink would stick. Sort of annoying... Also the vents didn't take panel lining very well.

All in all, seems like it should be an interesting and unique kit. Next up: The Core Lander, then head (although I'm waiting on some hobby supplies so that might be delayed).

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