Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sinanju Stands on its Own

Wow, I never realized how massive this model is until it was standing in front of me. I got the inner frames for the legs and feet done so I just had to put them on. This thing is very tall (size comparisons when I'm done), it's definitely the tallest kit I have.

As for the legs and feet themselves, they are very sturdy which is nice since this model would topple over if they weren't. Feet are nice and long so the weight is evenly distributed in the front and back. The inner frame wasn't too complicated, I just have the armor to add on now (which is a little more complicated with all the thrusters on each leg as well as all the gold trimming I have to paint).

One work in progress shot for not much reason (only one I took!), feet have a nice design though.

Moved my photo set up to a place with more light, hopefully you can tell as the photos should be more detailed. Glad I got this black background, I think it contrasts nicely with Sinanju's red and gold.


  1. Man that is extremely one of the coolest and elegant Gunpla i've ever seen
    nice job man love your pictures

  2. Yeah, it's an amazing mobile suit design (everything from Unicorn looks great in general).

    Thank you! Glad you like them.

  3. Cool man I just got 1 question

    Do u hand paint your kits or spray paint or no paint ?

  4. So far I've only hand painted. Only painted the gold trim and the thrusters silver on this kit, everything else isn't painted (except for the pilot). I'm planning on spray painting any gold I have to do in the future though (for Shin Musha)

  5. I will use your model as a reference when i build mine ^^ anyway, good work and finally good by to Zeong status!! haha...

  6. Haha, yeah, finally some legs! Ooh, when are you starting yours? Feel free to ask lots of questions if you have them, this kit can be a little daunting...

  7. haha... i suppose it will... that's why I still haven't get it in my hand yet... really need to wait until I have such time to spare on it only I dare to get it and build it. I will be back in business around Mid or end of May... haha ^^