Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Twitter Feed Added (Welcome to Web 2.0)

Well, I'm still pretty much dead, but I thought I should add some sort of update feature since I'm still technically alive (just haven't been doing any Gunpla lately). I've added a little twitter feed on the side just to display smaller updates, updates that don't require a full blog post.

I suppose I should also address my last post. It was an April Fools joke! I guess I can't expect everyone to read the first letter of every sentence (now in bold). Actually it probably just wasn't obvious/funny enough since many of you thought it was real and liked the idea. Sorry! I'll think of a better idea for next year.

Also, pic somewhat related. It's a bird about to tweet (taken at the SF Zoo last weekend)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Paint Job for Sinanju!

As I was looking at other Sinanjus on other blogs, I felt like my Sinanju should be a little more unique, so I decided a color change was in order. Painting it wasn't too bad, I just removed all the armor pieces and laid on a couple coats on gloss pink. Really like the new color, just feels right to me, and I haven't seen it been done before. I know some of you probably preferred the original red, but that was too boring! Look at that hot pink, not girly at all!

Fortunately I decided to leave the other colors alone, I thought about metallic purple instead of gold though. Of course, that would have taken a lot longer. Or maybe I could have switched the black to white, hmm, no I think the black still contrasts nicely with the pink. Luckily, I didn't mess up any parts with the paint (this was my first time spray painting a kit). Sorry I don't have any WIP photos, this whole thing was kind of spur of the moment, tell me what you think!

EDIT: It's not actually pink now.  Behold, the wonders of Photoshop!