Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2

I always read that this was a pretty bad game: repetitive (as all Dynasty Warrior games are), bad presentation (graphics and voice actors), and just not a whole lot of unique content. Well, I was too curious to just try it out so I found a cheap PS3 copy on Ebay.

If I didn't love Gundam, then yeah, this game would kind of suck. But, since I do, it's amazing to see 60+ different mobile suits in action with lot's of different special attacks/animations. The gameplay is pretty grindy, just keep on attacking hordes of Zakus or other grunt mobile suits until you win. There's a pretty wide range of mobile suits, ending at the Seed Destiny series (really hope they make a third game just to have Unicorn mobile suits). Haven't tried too many different characters yet, but Nu Gundam is my favorite so far (might just have to get the MG, bad proportions and all!) as it has crazy funnel attacks, i.e. funnel pyramid.

I can see this game getting old quickly, but it was definitely worth the $20. Anyone else play it? Seems like a perfect game for a Gundam fan (except for the horrible English voice acting)


  1. I loved this game actually :D Kinda like a no brainer game for you to play when you get back from work and just want to chill out ^^

  2. Yeah it's definitely entertaining in that sense. You ever get the either of the Musha Gundams? I read that they're hard to get.

  3. Cool I love this game I just wish I had it for ps3 insted

  4. Aw, too bad, could have played together. Not even sure what the online is like actually, seems like no one is ever online!