Monday, March 29, 2010

Sinanju Build Complete!

Wow, haven't posted in a while! Sorry about that, I had finals and such a couple weeks ago, then I took a long Gundam hiatus to play some Final Fantasy XIII (damn Adamantoises). Finally started up again a couple days ago to complete Sinanju's legs. Again, letting the paint dry took the majority of the time.

Well, as you can see, I got the legs done. The gold trim parts weren't too bad here (although I was a little out of practice). I just put the pieces on the leg and painted them there as its much easier to hold the entire leg rather than just the piece. Really like the design for these, the knee has many moving parts to spread out the multiple tiers of armor as it bends. The thrusters on the sides are a nice touch, great for posing since they can rotate and point anywhere. Joints are sturdy in all places (more so than Unicorn) and not too stiff. It doesn't have any trouble standing (even with its immense weight).

Some aerial poses. Can't do much right now without any weapons, but it still poses well in the air.

I took some advice from a comment on one of the previous WIP posts (silver too bright). I tried washing the silver thrusters in black (paint and thinner). For a first time trying this, I think it turned out alright. Mostly the thinner sort of just corroded the silver paint layer and sometimes the black would pool in places. After touching it up with a little silver dry brushing, I don't think it looks too bad. They're a little less shiny and the black did a good job of filling some of the vernier panel lines.

Working on the weapons now. Unfortunately I somehow lost one the lenses (the bigger one) for the beam rifle. I managed to make a new one out of the leftover runner, but it doesn't look that great. Not sure what I'm going to do if I don't miraculously find the real part, any ideas?


  1. not going to apply some decal on it?

  2. Heh, I guess the post title is a little misleading. No, I'm still planning on applying water slide decals and then top coating

  3. oo.. ok.. well.. since it got so much decal to apply.. especially at some uneven surface..water slide decals is a good choice..

  4. Yeah, I'm definitely thankful I have the water slides for this one.