Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sinanju Backpack and Shoulders

Only the legs and weapons left to do now! I got the shoulders and the backpack completed a couple days ago. This is my first time shooting with a black backdrop, not too sure if I like it yet. I definitely need more light if I'm going to do it like this though, since the photos came out a little discolored and blurry. Sinanju is not quite as orange as some of the pictures suggest (below left).

The thrusters on the back really complete the unique Sinanju look. Since they're so massive, almost like wings, they add a lot to the kit as a whole (add a lot of weight to the back too). As you probably know, the thrusters move in and out as the armor shells open and close (see below)

Fuel canisters (is that what they are?) are a little annoying since they're two halves put together and the seam line is a little visible. I know I could try to remove it by cementing and sanding, but I've never tried that and I don't know how it would turn out (I don't want to mess up on this kit). The seam line isn't too bad though as there's no gap. Nub marks were a little bit of a pain on the large red and curved armor parts, took a lot of sanding.

Legs will probably take a while, they look pretty tall, complicated, and awesome (like Unicorn's). Lot's more gold trimming left to do (oh boy!)... Can't wait to get some topcoat on this model, it's too shiny!


  1. Goddamn, those macro shots makes me want to buy a Sinanju ASAP.

    Sure it's at the top of my list but never have I wanted it more so than after seeing the close ups xD

    But it'll have to wait, Sheryl Nome and Hitagi Senjougahara PVCs are on queue before gunplas xD

  2. Haha, glad I can be an advertisement :)

    Ah, yes PVC statues, can't those get expensive? The only ones I have were won in those UFO catcher arcade games.

  3. Thats a lot of masking to be done on the gold trims if you are gonna top coat the whole thing!

    The black background is really good as a backdrop. Really enchances the shots you took :D

  4. Yes it can get quite expensive, but the thing is once they run out of production you won't be able to find them anymore..

    Sure there are auction sites but the prices would balloon because of the rarity.

    Gunplas are always there.. Heck my last one was released way back in '97 lol

  5. Hmm, I didn't think about masking, I was just going to topcoat over the gold. It's not that glossy to begin with so I don't think I'd be taking away much. It would also protect the paint job.

    Ah! You approve of the black background, good. I'll keep playing with lights so I can get the best details.

    Yeah, Gunplas are nice in that older kits are still in production. There's never much of a shortage, especially with the recent clear parts campaign.