Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sinanju Chest Complete

Finished up the chest for Sinanju. Sure lots of gold to paint! The main emblem in the center wasn't so bad, the surface was raised enough and the piece was large enough to hold. The ones on the side of the neck were more annoying since they were smaller and more awkward to hold. I'm glad the pieces are black, that way I can clean up any excess gold paint with the black panel line marker.

The tube bits near the waist are a little loose, not sure if they're supposed to be like that. Cockpit opens in a neat way, have to lift up the emblem and open two hatches. Can't really see the pilot, Full Frontal, inside though... well, maybe his feet.

And I even painted him too!


  1. Thanks! I tried my best to make it look clean, glad someone approves!

    Saw your Sinanju on your blog. You applied the water slide decals right? Turned out great! Nice and shiny. Maybe I should have just used those...

  2. Nice you even painted the pilot inside, and gotta also say that it is really clean..

    Seen lots of Sinanju and this has got to be one of the cleanest.

  3. *salutes you on your Sinanju journey*

    Like others have said already, the gold lines are clean and beautiful. So smooth! You also have quite the meticulous hand to be able to paint Full Frontal so precisely o_o

  4. I guess painting all those Warhammer 40k Eldar models came in handy!

    I'm glad everyone likes it so far. Working with this gold paint is so time consuming, takes hours for a layer to dry