Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Asmodian Templar. So far, so good. Possibility of burn out: Medium. Must be mindful of studies.

UPDATE: Not playing anymore, just got too grindy. Might look into it again if they update with actual Crysis-like graphics.

Aerial Pose Enabling Device

AKA Stand. Got a Celestial Being one, so I put an Exia on.

Unicorn Decals

Took a while to apply all the decals (there are like 100+... ugh). Chose to get the water slide decals instead cause I liked the ones from the Mk 2 so much. Messed up more times than I wanted (After applying Mr Mark Setter the decals somehow got knocked off and ripped). Nice thing about buying water slide is that there are the original decals and stickers as back up.

So yah, here pics. Destroy-mode head fondness has grown. Maybe topcoat?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Destroying Modes

Don't like the Destroy-mode-head-mode, so I'll just use the Unicron one. It good. (Also, not my Macbook (I hate macs))

Unicron Complete: Unicorn Mode

Just finished some Unicorn. Finally did it. Maybe topcoat it? Don't want the little clear bits to fog up though. Have some water decals for it too. Destroy mode incoming.