Saturday, May 29, 2010

NG Hail Buster Gundam

I got this kit as a birthday present, I believe it's actually the first non Master Grade I've built. It's a non grade, 1/100 scale from Seed Vs. Astray line. Official name is LH-GAT-X103 Hail Buster Gundam. I guess it's from the manga or something? I don't know anything about the Astray series.

So anyways, the differences between MG and NG are pretty clear even though they're the same scale. The most missed features, I think, are pose-able hands, a cockpit, and an inner frame. There aren't that many moving parts or gimmicks, so no bending knee pieces or pistons. The whole kit relies heavily on polycap joints so articulation isn't the greatest. One thing that was an improvement over MGs: the two eyes were more raised from the rest of the clear face piece, making it a lot easier to paint.

Back and front, missiles closed and open.

Things I had to paint: Missiles red, Gatling guns titanium gold, gold bits on the chest and arms, blue circles on the waist.

Mech Warrior status:

Also painted the red vents on the back waists, holding guns with the front handles:

Necessary RX-78-2 size comparison.

So yeah, it was nice to venture outside of master grades. I imagine 1/144 HGs are pretty similar in detail and articulation. Although MGs are more expensive, I appreciate all the little details and movable parts. This was a nice kit though, can't compare it to any other NGs but it was pretty solid overall. Got to practice some painting too, which is always good. Interested to see how the new Real Grade compares to NGs and MGs. My can of topcoat ran out mid spraying, only 3 cans left!

Got my MG Wing Gundam in the mail, excited to start on that (also started watching the anime too).


  1. what does the surface looks like, and how does it feel when you touch it after topcoating? is it rough or smooth?

  2. Hmm, unfortunately I don't have a model at hand to refresh my memory, but it's a sort of rough feeling. Still smooth, but less so than straight plastic. It sort of feels like ceramic. As for how it looks in person, also sort of like ceramic. Takes away the shine of the plastic. I usually only do one coat so it's not as matte as it could be.

  3. Great build, dude. You made this (relatively) cheap model look really really good!

  4. Thanks! Yeah, the good things about lower grade kits are that there's more to paint and customize. Fun stuff!