Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kits Acquired: The New and The Old

Got my MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame a couple days ago. First impression: very large box (about the same for Unicorn I believe) and there aren't really enough runners to fill the entire box, there's a lot of extra space. Not quite sure it needed such a big box, but hey, more impressive to look at. Looks like a very nice kit.

Also received another kit cheap-ish (or so I thought) off of ebay, an MG RGM-79Q GM Quel from Zeta Gundam. It's a very old kit (from 10 years ago). Because I'm used to new kits where Bandai has made many improvements on their production values and engineering, this kit is... disappointing. Shown in the photo is one of the two purplish runners. No where on the actual kit is it supposed to have this color. Instead the purple parts correspond to different color areas on the model (black shield, dark blue outer armor). So... I suppose I have to paint the pieces on those 2 runners, unless I don't have the right colors, then I paint ALL the runners. Also the clear visor piece wasn't even orange, just clear... Now I need to get clear orange paint. Never again old kits, never again...

Between Blue Astray, God Gundam, and the fail kit Quel, not sure which is next. Probably God. Also, still working on RGM-79 decals and topcoating.

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