Monday, December 14, 2009

God Gundam Complete

Finished up God Gundam GF13-017NJII yesterday. Added only a few decals since there aren't really that many places to add anything (aren't many open, flat surfaces). I applied the ones shown in the manual as well as one to the shoulder and some to the ankle armors. The least amount of decals I've done on any MG, but I think it works well with this guy.

Finished up with a good layer of topcoat. Before applying I wasn't too thrilled with this kit (cheap plastic, old design, etc) but the topcoat really added a nice touch. The plastic looks better (a lot less shine) which brings out the colors more.

Because there are lots of screws, most of the joints are a little stiff. Makes it a little hard to pose, but it's better than loose joints! Overall, good kit. One of the cheaper MGs as well.


  1. yea~ I like this Gundam very much too as I also have one of it... really hoping to see a Version 2 for this kit!

  2. A Ver. 2 would be very nice, hope they make one, might be a while though

  3. Nice build man, top coat really makes a difference!! You plan to take more shots of this god gundam in action poses? ^^

  4. I certainly can if that's a request to do so! I'll see what I can do. Yeah, the topcoat adds a lot. I'm running out and HLJ stopped carrying it, anyone know where I can order more?