Friday, December 18, 2009

Blue Frame Complete

Finished the build for my Astray Blue Frame. I tried out the clear green eyes with a silver backing method, which didn't work out the best. The green was still too dark (maybe it's the paint: Tamiya X-25) and maybe the silver wasn't reflective enough. Painted over with another green (not clear) and it turned out well. Painting the fingers white was annoying, wish Bandai had engineered multiple parts for each finger. I know the action base included is meant just for sword, but I figured I could just use it for the whole model. It's a little wobbly and it can't do many poses, but it beats just standing there.

Painted the pilot inside as well, turned out alright (not like it's ever seen anyways). Picture is a little out of focus...

Posing with Tactical Arms II in massive sword mode (It's basically impossible to pose it correctly, the thing is so heavy). Gatling mode is also hard to pull off, just too awkward to hold...


  1. yup... it doesn't really work all the time for the clear paint and silver paint... anyway, nice kit here! Will get one for my own in near future.

  2. I think it would work with any other color clear paint since the green is just too dark. Yeah, I recommend this kit, lot's of intricate details on the inner frame, legs especially. The Astray Red Frame Kai MG was just announced for Feb, so maybe wait for that if you prefer Red > Blue.

  3. Nice job on the blue you even painted the figures!!! Usually I'll just let them sit inside unpainted haha :D Are you going to put the decals later?

    Hmm usually for the eyes I'll just cut out the green stickers and paste over. Its hard to get green to shine. I went back to try again and still I it won't shine as much as the stickers.

    Hehe that Red frame is on my buy list!!

  4. get some clear plastics and keep on trying... haha... feel like the leg is a bit too slim for this kit... will wait and see how the red frame looks like before deciding to get either of it... or both! XD

  5. chubbybots, I'm waiting on the water slide decals which come out later this month + SAL shipping, so it might be a while. This was the first time I've painted the figure inside, never thought it really mattered since it's hidden, but hey, it makes for a nice photo. Yeah, I might go back to using the eye stickers, not sure yet...

    gppf, Yeah the legs are kind of like Exia, although a little thicker. Compared to UC Gundams, it does seem like they need to be bulkier. It looks a little strange standing there without the flight unit. Hopefully the Red Frame is different enough to justify me getting it!

  6. Thank you! Although, I'm not done yet, still have to add the water slide decals, then Topcoat! Should look at a lot better with those things done.