Monday, November 9, 2009

RX-78-2 Complete!

Finished up the original Gundam with the other leg and basic equipment. Haven't built the bazooka (have one from RGM-79), the Gundam Hammer (I will eventually... but all those spikes... so many nub marks...), or the Beam Javelin (waiting on some clear red paint). Besides! Just the beam rifle and shield look the best. So iconic.

Decals incoming... eventually.






  1. Just wonderin' did you ever thought about buying the OYW ver. over this?

  2. No, since I already had the RGM-79 Ver 2, I thought it would be good to stay consistent. Also, the newer inner frame is supposed to have better articulation and whatnot.

    I don't know much about the OYW kit, any big differences?

  3. The OYW has a much more modern look than the 2.0, the 2.0 looks retro right..

    Think of the RX-178 with lots of panel lines..

  4. Hmm, well maybe that version would have suited by tastes better. I do enjoy panel lines... :)

    Thanks for the tip

  5. Wow, great job! I hope one day to build a RX-78-2, the classic Gundam design is killer!

  6. Thanks! Yeah, an RX-78-2 is a must for any Gundam fan. Hope you get one too, would enjoy seeing it.