Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Exia, Exterminating the Plastic Shine

Exia was a little more complicated to Topcoat due to all the clear pieces. Nemo had the clear orange visor to take off, but that was minimal. Exia has those clear green circles on the legs, arms, head, and chest. Actually, they weren't that bad to remove. The "new material" strips (holographic plastic), however, I didn't even try to take out, since most are embedded well in the build of the kit. I tried to cover the arm loops with tape, but it didn't work out so well... Good thing the fogginess isn't too bad.


  1. Master Grade, they are way too different with my HG 1/100... really great.

  2. I've never done a non grade 1/100. I enjoy the inner frame bits and all the gimmicks of master grades too much :) NG and HG kits would be good for practicing painting and other hobby methods on though.