Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking Forward To...

the MG GN-X kit:

A bunch of new images have surfaced, as seen on Ngee Khiong's site (this post). I like the color scheme, the different shades of grey with bits of clear purple. The weapons look good too, although I wish it had a more conventional shield. It doesn't really fit in with other kits from the UC era, as with most of the 00 Gundam M.S. designs, but it should look good with Exia. As 00 Gundam was the first series I watched all the way through when I was getting into Gunpla, I'll probably be excited for any MG from the series. Hope they make a MG Reborn's Gundam sometime soon!

Not sure which kit to start on when I get back. Maybe Crossbone? Or maybe I'll finally do the decals for RX-78-2.


  1. Same with gppf?
    Is this kit that must buy?

  2. Haha, I guess so! Not sure if it's a must buy, but it's certainly unique to the MG lineup and a completely new kit. I already have mine preordered at hlj!

  3. I've seen this in my local forum where I usually buy Gunplas. They are also preparing to pre-ordering this too.