Monday, January 4, 2010

Stamen WIP: Torso

Started building the MG GP03S Stamen kit. Started with the core block, painted the inside of the thrusters red and the outside gun metal. Also painted the pilot (although I'm not sure what colors he was supposed to be).

Here's the completed core block, front and back

The 3 pieces that make up the torso. Had to paint the green bit above the cockpit hatch, which was a pain.

Working on the head now, have to wait until the paint dries before I can finish up. Still trying to paint eyes, not sure how it will come out this time. The back sensor was also a hassle to paint since the surface is so receded it was hard not to paint the edges.


  1. Haha nice!! I have this kit but currently its unbuild ^^. The eyes are painted? Looks better this time round :D

  2. Thanks! Yeah, we'll see how they turn out. Kit's alright so far, pretty good for it's age.

  3. Its a very beautiful kit when its completed :D Wonder how big the MG version of its flower / dendrobium will be ^^. And oh I forgot to mention great work on painting the thrusters! Is it gunmetal paint?

  4. Haha, yeah I wonder if that would ever that would get a MG release, it would be huge! Thanks! Yep, it's Tamiya X-10 Gunmetal.