Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mass Effect 2

Been playing ME2 a lot since it came out, thus not many Gundam updates from me (although they were slow before anyways). Above is my Commander Shepard, imported from ME1. Notice the subtle Gundam reference, the name Amuro (not quite sure why I chose it, maybe because he was a space colonist). I'm playing through with a Soldier class (think guns, lots of guns) and mostly paragon, as you can see. Great game so far, highly recommended (especially if you've played the first)

Anyone else playing ME2? Not sure if anyone in my reader base plays games or not. If you do though, share your Shepard! For inspiration, see this Kotaku thread:

Go Obama Shepard!


  1. Haven't been playing games much man. Kinda grew out of them a long time ^^ But I did play part one but only for a while ^^

    Spending more time on photography and gunpla instead for me :D But Amuro is perfect for ME now all he needs is his mobile suit ^^

  2. Yeah, I understand. It makes sense for me to keep playing them since it's my major at university :)

    Haha, a Gundam would certainly make the game a lot more interesting. Give it a Mass Effect generator and it would be unstoppable.