Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stamen Update

Got the head, waist, and shoulders done. I feel good about how the eyes came out. I used some masking tape to try to paint the green on straighter which helped a bit. Photos of all sides of the waist. Pretty basic construction, although I like the red in the front and strangely shaped side armor/vent parts. Still have to do the large fin thrusters on the back.

Working on the arms now. Finished the extending grasper claw contraptions. Pretty strange, but neat I suppose? Don't think I'll ever pose with them out, but good to know they're there. Just in case, you know, something needs grasping from afar.


  1. Wow you work fast.. Panel lines on the shoulders need some cleanup though

  2. Just about caught up with you! Thanks for catching that. I tried to clean them up a bit.

  3. looking forward for your completion... this is one of the "old model" which i'm thinking should i buy or not.