Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stamen Arms Complete

Still making slow progress on my RX-78GP03S. Finished up both arms, they took a while because of the extending claw gimmick housed in each arm. Kind of awkward looking when the claw is extended and the hand is just kind of cramped up in the back.

Built only the hands that I think I'll use: Right hand is the one for grasping a rifle, Left hand is just a fist presumably for holding the shield. Check this claw action... very strange.


  1. Doesn't seem weird to me, it is for getting the weapons inside the Dendrobium's storage.. =D

  2. Haha Arein is right on that one, he uses his extended claws to draw out the weapons above in when docked inside the dendrobium!! I think you can check out the last few episodes of this series for a better idea.

  3. I know, I know :) But like, why couldn't it have been extendable cables on the normal hands or... Hmm, there aren't many options I suppose. You guys win! I'll accept the claw for what it is