Friday, May 7, 2010

GN-X Upper Half Done

Just finished the waist and arms/shoulders, which leaves only the legs and equipment left to build, so I'd say I'm about half done. These components were pretty straight forward to build, nothing complicated or special (as there aren't many gimmicks to this kit).

First here are some WIP shots, here is one of the waist binders (larger than the torso ones)

The waist unit, I painted the vernier platinum gold like the head vulcans.

The white part of the waist does a strange thing and folds down, a door can be opened to reveal the pilot (first kit that has the pilot in this location). As you can see I painted the pilot, I followed the guidelines to make him Sergei Smirnov instead of Soma Peries (she belongs in the GN Archer if that ever comes out).

Since the kit's at a significant enough state, I took a small photo shoot (no stance or anything since it has no legs and nothing to pose with!)

The arms and shoulders. I like the design of the shoulders, nice and bulky but still sleek. Hands have claws... I've watched the Gundam 00 anime, but I can't seem to remember this suit having them or if it ever used them.

Showing the waist unit's articulation, fins can fold out, vernier can face up or down.

Mr. Smirnov again. Wish the cockpit had a better interior, lots of pegs and joints just sticking out.

Still liking this kit! Legs look interesting too. Not much else to say about it, maybe that it looks a little larger than Exia. I'm still hoping Bandai releases water slide decals for this kit because as of now I only have the clear stickers (which I hate) and dry transfers (which I always mess up).


  1. nice! good progress :D, yeah me too wish that the cockpit got more details.. or even got decal for it LOL... anyways.. nice painted bear-san there :D

  2. Thanks! Yeah, more detail would have been nice. Also, speaking of decals, I'm glad the water slides got announced for this kit

  3. I love love love the color you used to paint the verniers. It almost looks like you used option parts. What brand of paint is that?

  4. That's better. My name instead of my blogs. Yeah, lookgs great so far. Very very clean.

  5. Thanks! It's Tamiya's X-31 Titanium Gold. Yeah, I really like the color too, much more than their other gold (X-12). Glad to see you're back!