Tuesday, May 4, 2010

GN-X Gets Ahead

Finished the head! To keep up my trend of trying not to use the foil stickers, I painted the eyes as well as the surfaces below the purple sensor. The purple I had was a little to dark (it didn't contrast much with the black) so I mixed it with silver. I like the results for now, but I can always touch it more up later. Painted the vulcans titanium gold.

Here are the head components laid out:

Disembodied head, notice the strange neck:

The head on the body from different angles:

This is definitely one of the stranger head designs, especially with the jutting neck. It's a lot more monster-esque than the human-like Gundam faces or even the cyclopian Zakus. Certainly reminds me of a Unit 02 from Evangelion (see pic here). Really like the design though, really refreshing to build as I'm sure the rest of the kit will be as well.


  1. I like GN-X's head.
    nicer than one-eye Zaku too.

    got too tired for Gundam's head...

  2. Yeah, it's definitely new and interesting. Looks more menacing than other antagonist mobile suits too.

  3. haha... I better turn my head around as your post is tempting me to get this boy... I'm still want to wait for my GN-X III A Laws version >.<

  4. Heh, sorry about that! You could always try to convert this kit, paint it red and mod the binders in front. But then I guess you don't get the lance weapon :( Well, hopefully Bandai will come out with an A-Laws version, wouldn't be too much work for them.

  5. Wow you put that guy together really fast! It takes me forever to get going...

  6. Heh, well apparently it takes me forever to finish models. I like starting them though!