Monday, May 3, 2010

GN-X Start!

Well, I never did finish up painting Sinanju's shield (I still plan to though), but I thought starting a new kit might get me out of my Gunpla slump. So here we have a MG GN-X torso! I thought about starting MG Zeta 2.0 but I thought the kit might be a little large to ease back into Gunpla (it's been a month after all) and plus, GN-X was the most popular on the poll!

Here's construction of the GN Drive and the holder that it comes with.

The finished torso with the GN Drive out. front and back:

The purple orb is a little bit hidden, you can really only see it from below:

Here you can see the GN Drive in it's open and closed forms:

Looks like this when it's plugged in:

Not much to say about this kit so far, the design is pretty simple and the torso is similar to Exia. One annoying thing is that the shoulders are loose and shake and slide front to back when moved around. Hopefully having the arms on will fix that, but otherwise it's not a big deal. Hope to get the head and waist done soon, but it might be a little slow going during the week.


  1. Looking at your pictures makes me wanted to buy him even more
    Ahhh....!i'm stressed out
    I want him now hahaha

  2. Haha, aww sorry to stress you out.
    Glad my photos incited so much emotion though!

  3. nice progress.. do you got plans to paint or mod it? or just straight build with panel lines ^^

    mine is still waiting to be painted orz

  4. Thanks! Most likely just a straight build with panel lines, maybe some metallic paint highlights.

    I like your proposed paint scheme, red! I'm not brave enough to try painting entire kits, don't really have the tools either. Maybe if I had another GN-X to experiment on...

  5. There's tons of ways to fix loose joints.. Try putting in some blu tack inside the joint connections or spray them with a couple layers of clear topcoat

  6. No, it's not that they're loose, it's that they just don't connect to anything. They're supposed to be able to slide around freely, sort of like on Exia (except that had the plastic strips to hold them in place). I think when the arms are on, things should be sturdier.

    Thanks for the tip though, I remembered from the last time you said it! I just added a layer of paint to the ball joints on the torso to help keep up the binders.