Friday, June 11, 2010

GN-X Awaits Decals

Finally done with the school year! Finished my last final yesterday, now I just have to move out of my apartment by Monday. Meant to put up these photos of my GN-X a while ago when I finished building the kit. All that's left now is to wait for the water slides to be released. I'm thinking of redoing the eyes, I don't like the purple/silver mix I've used. Maybe I'll do purple mixed with white or clear purple over silver...

With GN Beam Rifle and shield:

Long Barrel attached:

Beam sabers are stored in the knees:

Platinum gold details:

So overall the legs don't feel too sturdy and the feet aren't really big enough to provide much stability. Seems like this kits is meant to be displayed on a stand (like most Gundam 00 kits I imagine)


  1. nice theme but slightly too large for my display... my current resolution is 1280x800 and i believe yours is well exceeding that ^^ maybe it is my own problem.

    Anyway, really nice GN-X there. Hard to imagine it has the same frame as Exia, overall nice and clean work. Tempting pictures there... but I will wait... if they come out with GN-X III or maybe Advance GN-X or MG of the GN-X for coming movie... I might consider getting one ^^

  2. Oh sorry about that. Yeah I'm on a 1920 x 1080 screen. Maybe I'll make the pictures smaller... Hmm

    Thanks! Yeah a red version with the lance would be neat since the grey is a little boring. Haven't seen the new movie version. I think it didnt use too many exia parts, just the legs and torso maybe, but yeah, pretty different and heavy too!

  3. Loving the new blog theme :D

    I have the same thinking with gppf ^^ Kinda hoping they will release the GX III or the Advance GNX so holding back on purchasing this.

  4. Wow you got some very good photos for your GNX. The images are sharp... which camera you used for these photos?

    The GNX is clean and neat (but a bit plain atm), looking forward for your completed model after the decal :D

  5. Thank you! It's a Sony Alpha A330, still getting used to it too.

    Yeah, decals and topcoat should add a lot. Glad you like the photos!

    (Man I need to update my blog, have new stuff to add too!)

  6. Whoops... major commenting issues. A couple got deleted in that mess. Sorry BMecha!

  7. aaah, master grade gn-x was fun to build ^^; the one without the seamline :p

    nice blog anyway, care to do link exchange? thank you very much

  8. Yeah, I'll add your site now. Thanks!

  9. thank you very much, will add yours