Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quick Update

Well, the poll I started several days ago showed Sinanju as the reader's choice. I admit, I'm also excited about this kit (love the design), but it's also a little intimidating (so much gold painting to do!). I was going to wait a little, maybe build the GN-X first, but I'm waiting on some purple paint. So, what the hell, I'll start on Sinanju.

As you can see, I'm not done painting these pieces yet. It seems painting gold takes a while since each part needs multiple layers. I thought I might just use the gold decals that came with the kit, but then it wouldn't match the yellow parts that I'm also painting gold. I can already tell, painting these tiny gold lines is going to get old fast (especially with the complex designs on the chest and shield). So far, so good though! Hopefully I'll get better at it as I go along.


  1. so is this sinanju?
    (oh yeah, i saw the gold and black pieces ^^)

    what painting do you use? Airbrush?

  2. Heh, no, nothing fancy. I'm justing painting by hand using Tamiya's gold paint.

    Yep, doesn't look much like Sinanju yet (no red parts), but it's coming along nicely!

  3. so u only painted the gold parts? i saw a video on them using acrylic n enamel. seems like a good way or using mr.masking sol. how did u paint them?

  4. Is it really that tedious? I've heard of stories that they're really quite exhausted with the gold parts.. xD

  5. I'm painting by hand with Tamiya's gold leaf acrylic. It's not the best paint as it's really thick and doesn't brush on that well. I've used masking tape once, but that was only for one of the chest cockpit pieces that didn't really have a raised surface. I painted the yellow runner gold as well.

    I think the most tedious part is waiting for it to dry completely. Since I can't brush the paint on thinly, I have to use a lot of excess paint. If I don't want my fingerprints to indent into the paint, sometimes I have to wait overnight for it to dry completely. It's not too bad though, no nightmares of black and gold... Yet ^^;