Thursday, February 18, 2010

RX-78-2 Decals and Topcoat

After starting this kit a while ago (last October) I've finally finished it up by applying water slide decals and putting on a layer of Topcoat. Glad to have it complete! I think I've finally gotten the hang of Topcoating, I didn't spray too much this time so there's no excess bits to scrape off. I like how the decals are more subtle for this kit (even more so than the RGM-79), it goes along with the basic design (which was probably the idea). However, more than half of the decals are still on the sheet after following the placement in the guide. Guess I could have added more if I wanted to, but there aren't really that many places for them to go and look good.

With beam rifle and shield. The guide didn't even show the one decal I placed on the shield, but it looked way too plain without anything.

With a beam saber:

I also finally built the other two included weapons, the Gundam hammer and the Gundam javelin(?) Painted the javelin tip clear red.

I'm really happy I got this kit finished as it's nice to have the original Gundam to compare to other designs. I think it's the best MG kit I have in terms of articulation, joint strength, proportions, and overall quality (I suppose that's to expect from a Ver. 2.0 though). Now all I have to do is build Char's Zaku 2.0 and the scene will be complete!


  1. You use gundam markers for the panel lines right? How do you clean them up?

    Looks mighty fine, very very clean job =D

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I use the thin tipped GM01 and GM02 pens. I wipe away excess ink with a plastic eraser and I use a cotton swab to blend and soften the lines

  3. Ah fantastic work! Nice and clean :D Now all you need is char's zaku to complete him ^^

  4. Yep! Maybe I should work on that next, although the poll right now shows people want Sinanju next (that kit is so daunting though...)

  5. Very nice and clean. Guess the decals and stickers do help to enhance the look of 2.0 and here I thought before it might've looked weird with them on given the retro design and all (hence I left mine plain). I need some top coat on mine too...

    Great work ^^

  6. Ah, Z! Glad to see you've finally wandered over to my blog.

    Yeah, I understand why you kept yours decal-free, give it that old school anime look. But yeah, the decals are pretty minimal for this kit so I think the retro look is maintained even if you apply them.

    Thanks for the comment!

  7. oh I've popped in here a lot more times than you might think ;)

    I usually just lurk... even on my own blog xD

  8. Ah, lurking. I wonder how many more are out there. Well, good to have you around (your blog was one my main inspirations for getting back into Gunpla)