Monday, February 15, 2010

RX-0 Unicorn Display Base

Here's the extra item that came with the January issue of Dengeki Hobby. As you can see, it's a miniature transformable Unicorn head. When I first got it, I was surprised at how small it was (looked bigger in pictures) and I was worried the MG wouldn't fit on top. Well, it's a little wobbly and it took some adjusting and balancing but it makes a nice display stand.

Mid transformation:

I painted the eyes (black, then green), the front and back sensors green, the V-Fin gold, and the inner frame neck parts Gun Metal (I would have painted them dark grey but I don't have any!)

Fully functional stand!

Overall, I'm glad I paid extensive shipping cost for the issue, this was a really unique bonus. The painting required was enjoyable as the pieces were large (no tiny bits to carefully paint). It's too bad there isn't a separate horn like the MG has since. The two halves don't come all the way together and there's a gap. Thus, I think it only looks good in Destroy mode (which is probably the preferred mode anyways).

Also, I added a poll in my Future Projects section (newly added for not much reason). I don't expect anyone to have an opinion or to vote, but I thought it might be fun to try anyways. Vote for which kit you'd like to see next! Can't say I'll listen though...

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