Saturday, January 22, 2011

Deathscythe Update

Quick update on Deathscythe progress. Just finished up spray painting all the parts and panel lining. Put all the parts together and look, a Gundam! Next step is to topcoat and add decals, then add a final layer of flat topcoat. I thought I might keep the glossy look in the end, since it looks good in person, but it really does't transfer to photos well. But yeah, here's the completed model as of now:

Legs look pretty neat. Backpacks pretty basic but adds a lot to the model overall

Buster shield and scythe (whoops, forgot a photo of the beam action)

More pictures later when it's done!


  1. Looks great... but... I'm gonna need those bat wings. ;P

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. However, I think I may have a something else in mind for that

  3. o0o that looks good!

    One question... can the head tilt any more downward than what's shown in your photos? Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the question! Replied in the next post.