Monday, February 7, 2011

Quick Deathscythe Update

Got the upper half decal-ed and flat coated (although some pieces might need another coat). The above photo is in reply to Z who asked how far the head can tilt down in the last post. Hope that helps!

The strange background is my computer monitor, which turned bright cyan when I adjusted the white parts on Deathscythe to actually be white... So had, to adjust some levels to fix that. But you can see that with a back light the head sensors can be lit up since its just one clear piece. I know this isn't new, other kits have this, but it was noticeable on this kit.

First time stripping a kit down to the inner frame. Didn't really do any detail work, just sprayed the parts that might be visible gun metal. Looks neat though!

Edit: Here's a different angle, now even grainier!


  1. Ah cool! that helps a lot! Thanks! I just had to ask because of all the reviews of this model I've gone through, none of them have his head looking down (most angled straight forward or tilted up) so I wondered if that was possible. Thanks for the photo! Well, it seems like his chin can't touch the surface of his body like most Gundams but this is still good.

    And yea, another layer or two of matte coat would be nice because the texture looks really rough. Solid... but rough. I'm judging mainly from looking at the shoulders though ^^;.

    Anyway, good luck with it and hope to see this finished soon!

  2. Glad I could be of assistance!

    Yeah, it's kind of difficult covering up the glossy paint and the layer of gloss coat that I used to seal in the panel lines. Maybe I'm going about it wrong or something, or maybe it just needs more layers!

  3. Looks pretty nice, but the paint does have a rough texture. Are the decals, like, everywhere on the kit like other Version Katoki models?

  4. Yeah, hopefully another layer of flat coat will smooth it out (although, it might just make it worse...)

    I'd say it has a medium amount of decals. It definitely doesn't have as many as some Ver. Ka kits, but it's still in the Katoki style.

  5. what did u use to paint the green thing on the helmet? the clear one.

    1. Hey! I believe that was Tamiya's acrylic clear green (X-25). It doesn't brush on the best as it leaves brush marks, so it's best to dab enough to cover the small area and let that sit for a while to dry. Disturb it too soon and you'll mark up the paint.