Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little RX-78-2 Rework

Decided to get rid of the eye sticker for my older RX-78-2 kit. I saw how good clear eyes could look on the Shin Musha I'm working on and had to go back and paint them. Used flat black and clear yellow. Fortunately the clear eye piece is thin enough that I could paint white onto the back, behind the eyes so that they reflect better. Some clear eye pieces aren't like this and are more like a solid block (like MG Blue Astray as I recall). If you try to paint those eyes clear they'll probably just end up dark. Also added another layer of Topcoat for no reason.

Haven't got the lighting down yet (shooting in a new environment). I'll just keep messing around with lamps and stuff. Maybe I can't let natural light interfere... Hmmm

You can see the clear eyes pretty well in the right shot above. Wish all MGs could have eyes like that!


  1. Amazing job on the eyes :D

    Man... I am envious of your backdrop. it's like near perfect pitch black so it's only Gundam and nothing else. I can't obtain that because my backdrop isn't deep enough TToTT.

  2. Thanks!

    Yeah, it's just some thick black paper I got from an art store. Shouldn't be too hard to find I imagine!

  3. what type of brush did you use for the black? the eye borders are painted with perfect precision!

    I was thinking to do the same for my Zeta Gundam, but with Gundam fine markers.

  4. Thank you! I believe I used a size 0 Floquil brush, which has a pretty small tip (although I think there are even smaller sizes as well).

    Yeah, I recommend giving it a try on your Zeta. Gundam markers might be a bit too thick or inaccurate, but you can always strip the paint and start over with a different method if it doesn't work. Got nothing to lose!

  5. You finally got a background.. Awesome shots :D

  6. Nice painting on the eyes!

    Just wondering, have you tried out the semi-gloss Topcoat? What's the effect like?

  7. nice eyes, now I think about it RX-78 has a big eyes compared to the other gunpla

  8. @optimus91
    Nope, haven't tried that one out yet. However I do have a can of it (as well as a Gloss) so I'll be sure to post about it when or if I use it

    Yup! Sure glad I got it.

    Hmm, yeah the eyes are definitely bigger than some (the smaller mobile suits). Certainly helps when you're painting it.

    Man, wish Blogger had a reply system! Sorry these are late too

  9. Shinra... you still around?

  10. Hey! Yeah, I'm still alive. Good timing actually, I just moved into a new apartment and I'm all set to start gunpla-ing again. Hopefully I'll have something to post by the end of the week. Just have to get Internet first... :/

    Thanks for checking up on me! I should really update myself on rest of the blogosphere

  11. That is a very nice kit!

    The RX-78 kits always seem to have something cool to offer. I am preparing to build an HG "Revive" RX-78. While I do not like the anime-style proportions of the Revive version, it looks like it will be a nice, minimalistic kit to build.